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‘Goodbye High School Class of 2020’ by Bella Carnes

‘Teenage Dreaming’ by Gracie Styles

‘Hailey and Lauren Adventures by Hailey and Lauren’

‘Our Hiking Adventures’ by Gabe Hazlewood

‘Finding Beauty in Everything’ by Delana

‘Thank you Zimmer’ by Ciara Bernowski

‘Wakeboarding’ by Mattie Armer

‘Gracie’s North Carolina Trip’ by Gracie Styles

‘Teacher Appreciation’ by McKenzie Lee

‘Spring Break 2019’ by Taylor Tyree and Libby Towle

‘Coffee’ by Brooke Evans & Blake Cheek

‘Random Acts of Kindness’ By Gracie Styles, Macey Vaughn, Lauren Morris, & Lindy Morris

‘Woodland High School Marching Band Macy’s Day Parade’ by Madison Ray

‘Southeast Kayaking’ by Joey Gore

‘Bradin Baum’s Clarinet Performance’

‘Walking Out’

Kaitlyn Hanks & Tyler Lieving Covers

‘Phlebotomy’ by Mallory Tyree and Haley Knox

‘Nature’ by Joey Gore, Gracie Styles, Shane Paz, Delana Prince, and Matthew Grier

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